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Cancellation Fees: $50.00
There is no charge to change your service date twice, provided you give us at least 48 hours notice of the need to change the date. Additional changes or less than 48 hours notice will incur a $20.00 change fee.

Damage : Mountain Movers  works hard to prevent problems for our customers. However, we understand that not every move will go as smoothly as anticipated. That is why we offer peace of mind for our customers. The Company shall only be liable for damage to items which are “Dropped” by the Workers/Movers. No other damage claims will be awarded and or processed. Coverage is limited to standard valuation based on $0.74 per pound. Pressed-board, particle board and/or compressed wood furniture is excluded from any coverage because of the nature of the material. If you feel your belongings were damaged,call us so we can give you damage a claims form.(forms must be submitted within 10 days upon completion of the move). We will work diligently to process any claim we receive as quickly and as accurately as possible. Please note: being that we are a labor only service, we do not take responsibility for property damage and it is our customers responsibility to provide protection for their own property and belongings. Most Home Owners or Renters Insurance Policies cover Damage to Items, Objects, and Appliances while being relocated by the Owner of said items, objects, and appliances via rental moving trucks.